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X-Seed 4000


X-Seed 4000 is a proposed skyscraper that looks oddly like Mt. Fuji. Perhaps it's unsurprising that it could be eventually built in Tokyo, Japan. The tallest building ever fully designed, the X-Seed 4000 would house between 500,000 and 1,000,000 people. A tiny quantity of individuals, if you take into account that the technology to "fabricate" mature adult individuals from raw materials is probably only a few decades away. (A topic that probably deserves a post all its own.)

The X-Seed 4000, which would be 4,000 meters high (13,123.2 feet), would in fact be taller than Mt. Fuji, which is merely 3776 meters high (12,388 ft).


The proposed structure would have a base 6 km wide and contain 800 floors. Designed by Taisei Construction Corporation, this mountain-shaped living environment would be powered by solar power and blend together high living with natural surroundings. It seems odd to claim that it would be powered by the sun entirely - this would mean that the company either intends to devote entire floors to nothing but solar panels or that it has found a way to power buildings economically with minimal paneling. In any case, it seems like nuclear power would be just as good.

Designed as an "intelligent building" the super-futuristically-named X-Seed 4000 would maintain light, temperature, and air pressure in response to changing external weather conditions. Because it has already been fully designed using materials available today, the structure could, in principle, be built, although it would likely cost several hundred billion dollars, if not more. Because the structure would weigh so much, it could only be built on the sea if present-day construction materials were used.

The X-Seed 4000 sounds an awful lot like an arcology, that is, ecological piece of architecture that would contain its own dependent ecosystem as well as human housing. In the long run, as buildings grow to such huge sizes that they become cities unto themselves, the integration of plants and animals will be essential for the preservation of human sanity and basic aesthetics. Eventually the Earth's surface could become entirely covered in such structures.

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  1. A nuclear powered volcano shaped skyscraper?? Who are these architects trying to fool?

    If I lived on the 800th floor how long would I have to wait for the elevator? How many elevators whould it need to service a million people? That’s like the entire population of Leeds waiting for a lift. How much energy would it take to pump water to the top of the volcano (assuming they still have showers up there)?

    Seems rather impractical to me.

  2. Hey, your blog is always interesting, and I found it using stumble (a firefox plugin). I have a question more about where you find the information in your articles. Essentially, what sites do your visit periodically to stay up to date on all this sweet futurism stuff.


  3. If I lived on the 800th floor how long would I have to wait for the elevator? How many elevators whould it need to service a million people? That’s like the entire population of Leeds waiting for a lift. How much energy would it take to pump water to the top of the volcano (assuming they still have showers up there.

    It wouldn’t work that way. It’d be a self-contained community with both living and working spaces, probably with agriculture and water supplies as well. You wouldn’t get in an elevator to the ground every morning. Still, I’d love to see a cross section or something.

  4. Sweet futurism stuff!!! There are links to the left. Cross section? Now wouldn’t that be an insane addition to “Incredible Cross Sections”? It would be like… “the whole book is a single gigantic folded page, enjoy”. Why use lifts when people will be flying with utility fog? But if they have utility fog, then why build something so un-modular anyway…

  5. The energy needed to pump about 300 liters of water to the top(assuming it’s a persons daily consumption)would probably be below 6kwHe, if you take mgh it’s about over 3kwH and considering all the losses and probably even installing a small francis turbine coupled with ultra capacitors I’d guess it would result in a 1,6 multiplier to resonable water price (say below 2eur/tonne). But that’s only to the very top of the building.

    Just a guess…didn’t do much real analysis…

  6. the lift problem is currently being designed by engineers outside of tokyo they are thinking up an idea that would allow upto 70 people in a lift at a time on a multi storey lift construction

  7. What a waste of time! Soon we’ll end up like Corsucant from Star Wars, all X-Seeds and no green plains. Think of how big this thing would be, people…

    And no – lets not build Ringworlds instead. What’s wrong with Earth as it is?


  9. Such amazing… Tokyo is better than any city.. heh..

  10. This is a remarkable design, especially because this design is the most economic form for designing a large building one can think of.
    I have imagined (and even made drawings) of such a construction myself.
    The economics of the design is that when going from top to the bottom of the structure, each addiational floor or horizontal compartment is adjusted for it’s surface size in such a way that this increased strength just fits to support the weight of the structure above it.
    The dismerit of the design is that it used relatively more ground surface space as other construction types.
    Notice also that the forces which act on the building to support it, are being directed near the bottom almost horizontally, not vertically. The structure could be built with the supporting structure on the outside of the building exclusively, so no supporting vertical structures would be needed.
    I guess that this kind of design would be very strong and earth quake resistent, because of this feature, as long as it is not build on the earth quake region itself, as long as the entire surface plate is moved horizontally, this would have hardly any impact on this tower.
    As for the transportation problem, please notice that this building could easily accomodate for transportation vehicles running on the outside of the building, which either climb up straigth to the top (the vehicle would have to accomodate for the rising angle when climbing up though), or one could think of a vehicle which would spiral up, and which would run at the outside of the building (or perhaps inside near the outside surface). A magnetic levitation train, which could climb angels up to 10 %, would be possible, running near the outside surface in a spiral.
    Please also notice that the building could be constructed in such a way that all the usable space would be near the outside surface, leaving a gigantic inside space. One could even built a smaller copy of the building inside, which would stand independent of the outer one.
    Also this type of construction could be combined with a solar chimney construction, making it a very large greenhouse which would heat up the air inside, which would enter in from the surface ring at the bottom, and would leave the building at the top (since hot air rises) and could produce a lot of electricity using turbines driven by the wind flow.
    However, such a combination would be for interior living conditions and usuability for the tower probably incompatible, since one would live then in a gigantic green house. The surface would have to be covered with glass and have to be closed in order to maximaize the production of electricity.
    One could however use the structure as a solar tower, mainly for producing electricity. And if combined with a smaller building (as for instance a smaller copy of the structure) inside, it could be made habitable and liveable for other purposes as well.

  11. And another remark: in principle it would be possible to built the tower from top to down, starting with a small size ring of the top. When for instance the structure is broken up into compartments of 100 m height, the process of building the tower would then involve: built a ring, lift the ring horizontally 100 m, and attach it to a ring below it whith increased diameter.
    If the increase in diameter is tuned correctly, the increase of lifting power needed to elevate the total building could be reached by involving more cranes or lifting devices near the bottom, which is accomodated by an increase in length of the rings near the bottom.
    That is: the increase in weigth of the total structure for each section built, would exactly balance the increase in length of the ring.
    This principle would determine the increase of ring diameter near the bottom.

  12. JP, do remember that any water pumped up the building can be used as pumped storage to generate power going back down.

    Using conventional turbines this would be over 90% efficient. Probably much greater if using superconductors and other futuretech.

  13. It’s an interesting idea but one that will probably never be implemented. How would you deal with crime within the building? What about terrorist threats?

  14. Some generic comments:
    How many area codes?

    Would be terrible to upgrade tech on that scale.

    How many McDonalds/Starbucks in a 36 km^2 area?

    Some 800th floor comments:

    I would hope to work from home if I had to find a job on “the outside.”

    From my 3-story apt. living experience, the 800th floor could get rather hot. Imagine the energy bills…

    I hope no windows could be opened… More than 1/4 of the way to the jet stream…

  15. I’m guessing that there would be extensive water reuse within the building meaning you’d only need to pump a large volume once, then a constant smaller “trickle” to deal with the minimal water loss.

  16. to all the non-believers:
    engineers and architects are smarter than you, obviously they thought of everything, so far it works on paper. dummies.

  17. And how long do you have to train in the Andes to get in shape to live on the top floor? Or do they pressurize those floors?

  18. This stuff makes me think of Asimov’s Caves of Steel… Would be awful to live in.

  19. Yeah think the higher you pump that water the more gravitational potential energy. So basically by using all that energy to pump it up you are just storing that energy.

  20. That is a testament to how overcrowded the world, particularly Asia is. It is an urban nightmare and a disaster waiting to happen. This building makes me want to laugh and cry at the same time. Instead of creating horrible structures like this, why don’t Asians try having less babies?

  21. The first thing that came to mind when seeing that was this being the beginning of Earth turning into an ecumenopolis (like Coruscant from Star Wars).

  22. “Eventually the Earth’s surface could become entirely covered in such structures.”

    Very unlikely, seems like you are forgetting the earth has limited resources and are running out quite quickly, money isn’t all that is needed to build that thing, an amazing amount of energy and raw material is needed as well.

    It’s nothing but Utopian to say earth will be entirely covered with structures like this, not going to happen.

  23. I’m assuming that they wont need to pump water all the way up to the top of the building. By the time this is built water could eather be caught from the clouds or it will be a bi product of the hydegron fuel cells that power the upper levels. Also you can directly suck water out of the air.

  24. Yeeeeah, let’s build 4 or 5 of them. And then build an X-Seed 10000, EVEREST SIZE which would consume a quarter of the earths power.

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  25. Have any of you champs heard of a Dyson sphere before? That’s quite larger than this, y’know. Many space stations in fiction are also larger than this, like *cough*, the Death Star for example.

  26. While there would need to be some sort of elevator to exit the building, it’s not like it’s an apartment complex…this is structure 10 MILES WIDE at the base…this is a City in and of itself…it would have to contain stores and restaurants, providing plenty of jobs for most of those that live there. Sure there would be people needing to leave on a daily basis, just like there are people who work outside the city they live in, but just like a city with a population of 1 million doesn’t need a road to occupy that many people, the X-Seed wouldn’t need an elevator to accomodate that many people all at once.

    Transportation around the building would probably also be built in, as walking 10 miles across the building, plus up and down floors, isn’t exactly ideal. There’d probably be scattered elevators (Larger than average, of course), but there’d have to be some sort of a larger transit system that would go to various places around the building, like some sort of tram. It could spiral around the inside of the building stopping on floors designated by passengers, and there could be multiple trams so that there wouldn’t be a 10 hour ride to the ground level.

    Speaking of ground level, assuming this thing is circular at the base (as it seems from the concept drawings), it would be absolutely massive!! Obviously the ground level is the largest. Another interesting thing to ponder is parking. Being as it’s in the ocean, there would probably have to be several internal parking garages, suggesting that there might be a way to DRIVE between floors. Perhaps they’d employ some rotary car garages, since we’re using so much futuretech already, and Japan already uses these garages…

    I like the idea, but there’s a lot of specifics to work out, the logistics are absolutely enormous!! Cities don’t normally get planned all in one go, so there’s never been any design phase of this magnitude before!

  27. how long until some loonies fly a bunch of planes into it?

  28. Just imagine the upkeep on something like that… how long do you think it would last before becoming delapidated… or worse yet… a ghetto…

  29. Why don’t people just relocate to areas with available land? Plenty in NZ, Australia, etc…

  30. I hope they go ahead and build it. I’d be happy to live there (the higher the better – consider those views), and it would also leave more space for all the naysayers, technophobes and ultraconservatives to return to their beloved hunter-gatherer lifestyle. Everybody happy.

  31. Reminds me of the book, The World Inside by Silverberg (

    It raises some interesting ethical questions with regards to personal space, privacy, and what the human psyche is prepared to live with. A good read – I recommend it.

  32. Where would all the excremental waste go? They could possibly recycle the crap and make it into pure water again. What if there was a giant earthquake? That’s a monstrous amount of people dead in on area. This idea would make much better sense if it were built in the middle of the ocean. Since over 75% the the earth is water, global warming can assure that in the future the earth will be more around 80% water.

  33. It’s a shame to not hear Paulo Soleri mentioned here. He really pioneered these ideas of massive scale ecologically self suffiecient building-citys back in the sixties.

    It seems like the Earth is big enough that this thing will never be truely neccessary. It’s cool to look at for a moment, until you realise the scale and homogenity is dehumanising, useles to its human occupants. Since it can’t serve us as individuals, these buildings serve only bland corporations, government control and personal alienation.

  34. This is what they should build over New Orleans!

  35. Looks fantastic but you would get people who just live in it and never leave!

    The only thing i worry about to be honest is the worry of terroism or an earthquake. Think of the casualties if someone found a flaw in the structure. Sorry but it has to be said, hope they have an answer to my point.

  36. wow… just think of the person living at the very top floor

  37. Instead of taking the elevator down, they should make multiple FireFighter-Type poles that you could slide down, and be at the bottom in 30 seconds…

  38. R. Buckminster Fuller wanted to build something very much like this but much more practical. It was called Old Man River City and was supposed to be in East St. Louis, IL. Essentially it was a raised earth berm in a circle with a huge open sided geodesic dome suppored from the top of the berm. People would live on the outside and industry and commerce would be on the inside. There are definitly some pollution concerns from so many people living in the same space, but with waste reprocessing etc. it should be feisable. Anyhow y’all should read about Bucky, he was smarter than you.

  39. i ve seen this structure on discovery as well as on nat geo ,i think 5 years back when are they gonna start building it,because i wanna buy a house in there

  40. this giant structure could possibly take more than your builders lifetimes. So how many workers will u need?

    By the size of this it seems as if u will need a couple million workers.

  41. This thing is stupid. its not a building its a man-made mountain. How could they get all that money to build this thing? Where would they get all the material to build it? How are they going to reach the top to finish the building? By helicopter or airplane? Are they going to use robots to build this thing? It might take decades to complete. By the time they get it built the architects and construction workers would be dead already. And I think the world will finish first than this building.

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  42. If this get’s built, then it’ll be possible to live your whole life in the building. Imagine being born in there, going to school in there, getting married, getting a job, then dying all in that one building. Some people may never see the outside world

  43. It seems highly irrational. 1 fire on the 600th level, and thousands will die. I mean, what will be reaction time of police, ambulance or firefighters?

  44. Police, ambulance or firefighters will all simply fly through dedicated tunnels to take care of emergencies. ;)

  45. I read somewhere that the internet is a series of tubes. Well? How would that get up there? Or would it be behind the wall?

  46. Perhaps this will be a wonderful cemetary. By using such structures, people will be able to be buried with their family and not take up so much real estate. Also, if it is used as a cemetary, then the amount of needed infrastructure will be greatly reduced, because it will have few inhabitants, mostly visitors.

  47. “fabricate” mature individuals? a few years off? not likely. Not necessarily possible, and certainly much less efficient than good old fashioned mating.
    humans weren’t “designed” like machines, so they can’t be built that way. The only way you can generate the kind of complexity humans exhibit is through self generating, self-organizing systems. So each individual has to grow itself, and “fabrication” simply can’t be reduced to mass production.

  48. Yes it can, though. Humans are made of a certain arrangement of atoms, albeit a complex one, but a configuration which could easily be fabricated given sophisticated molecular machinery. I didn’t say “a few years off” either, I said a few decades.

  49. Most of the commenters in this thread, which come from popular sites like reddit or gorillamask or whatever, are technologically clueless, probably read little outside of their area of expertise, read news bits on politics all day, and therefore are unqualified to remark on the feasibility of this structure.

    “Won’t someone ram a plane into it lol?” is such a shitty response that I don’t even know where to begin. Do you realize that the Freedom Tower is being built to withstand a plane impact? Protecting plane impacts would be a non-issue.

    All of your ‘obvious objections’ to the idea have probably already be considered and rebutted.

  50. How about a little veranda on the 700th floor!! would be nice to sit up there in a little breeze and enjoy a nice glass of wine :)

  51. How can they protect the building against natural disasters while its building.

    Did they travel around any mountain? :)

    Build a prototype of that building like Egyptians did 3000 years ago around Nile.

    Tell them to use Egyptian building system may have best result.

    This type of building can not finishes before 100 years.
    I want to know about the root(underground,base deep) of this building. Learn about this building base footing diameter.

    What type of building metarials will be used.

    How many mines are they going to spend on this huge technology.

  52. I am from Turkey, Istanbul. e-mail.

    If anyone has ideas about this X-Seed 4000 I want to share.

    This type of building can not build in this century.

    Can not finish before 100 years. But it can take more than 100 or more years.

    What type of vechiles do they use?

    How many mines do they need?

    The ground may deform while its building.

    Think that they are trying to built iceberg.

    An iceberg has large footing than which is sailing part is smaller then footing.

    So how many people and what type of vechiles do they use?

    Have nice days.

    Visit Turkey and see what type of historical buildings made in here. They are still a live and we are using all of them here in our life.

  53. Awesome comments you’ve write. Please write more. :)

  54. Interesting idea but who would fund a project of this size?

    The Japanese population is shrinking rapidly and they’re not too keen on any sorts of large scale immigration.

  55. This is absolute High-End Architecture in this materialistic construction world, Its a known thing that Japanese are kean about innovating something new always. But if you think about the architecture one can easily think its a complex task which hopefully involves with many issues and risks. If you see the number of floors there are constructing(800)its a challenge to manage the entire construction’s required resources and once if it is available to stay then its going to be a big challenge for maintaining the whole accommodated society in a good and peace full way. Hats off to their ever green big venture. One like me think to live in a peace full and greenery world. More over its a future threat for Japanese civilians from terrorist attacks and Nature Disasters like Earth Quakes.

  56. What is it about this post that attracts people who write poor English?

  57. Mr.Michael Anissimov, write here who writes with poor language?

  58. awesome!!! i freakin’ love this building…

  59. I have doubts about the possibility of such a structure (let alone many of them) being built, especially considering the depletion of natural resources. It is upsetting to think that people are concentrating so much effort on this sort of development when the majority of the earths population live without dignity. Corruption would also harm the prospect of such a huge project coming to fruition.

    It is true that this sort of structure or ‘living space’ will only encourage a ‘Big Brother’ style of controlled society. I live in Australia, #244 on the world list of population density, with 2.6 people per km2. I grew up in a small country town called Dayboro, just 44km from the capital of Queensland, Brisbane. As a city, Brisbane is reletively small, but it is surrounded by a number of sattelite ities, and the resulting ‘greater Brisbane area’ runs about 200km along the coast, and contains about 2.5 million people. It is this urbanisation, and decentralisation that makes Australia so desirable, and also makes us #3 on the HDI.

    I don’t think that you, Michael, are the sole repository of all human knowledge, so to call people with perfectly valid opinions ‘stupid’ is very ignorant of you, perhaps you could learn a lot more by not thinking that we live in some sort of hyper future already!

    What i’m really wanting to say is…. I don’t want this future that is proposed, cradle-to-grave buildings deficient in the natural wonders of the world, and of nature. I don’t want children of the future to think that a life like that is normal.

  60. Patrick, I only said, “what is it about this post that attracts people who write poor English?”, not “EVERYONE IS STUPID LOL”. You’re the one reading this post and spending time thinking about it and responding to it, so calling me ignorant doesn’t carry too much weight.

    But the inside of a building can be made nicer than the outside! Who said that one couldn’t visit nature? I’m so surprised at the number of people w/ ethical objections to living in a building for a long time. What do you think a space colony would be? Jeez.

  61. Michael, I wasn’t trying to say anything about your comment on poor english, which is a huge problem these days, so I tend not to care about peoples language skill deficiencies. I actually unfairly lumped you with the calling people stupid tag, it was another respondant to your blog.

    I think this is a fantastic forum, so dont get me wrong.

    In response to your comment on insides of buildings and ‘space colonies’, I don’t envisage that sort of future for humanity. We already have attained amazing levels of population density (17 000/km2 in Macau and Monaco) without the need for such monstorous buildings.

    As for space colonies, if AI and nanotechnology are created, they will not be used for these sort of peaceful purposes, they will be used for military expansion. I think all scientists should go on strike until nuclear disarmamen is implemented as policy by the ‘Nuclear Club’.

    I am hoping that Australia will use it’s diplomatic ties with Canada and South Africa to place an embargo on uranium markets, and close down the mines in operation, as this would send a powerful message to the world: look elsewhere for your energy needs, and stop making bombs!

    I believe in the future, but I believe in a Human Future. AI belongs there, but not as protectors of our species, but enhancers, companions, helpers and builders.

    Sop the production of self-replicators, I say! Humans can build robots just fine.

  62. Sorry to bombard this thread with comments, but I just have to tell the world a bit about where I live.

    It is in now ay perfect, and certainly, in many ways, can be considered undesirable, but none the less, here goes.

    Brisbane has many pseudonyms, the most common being Bris Vegas ( I don’t know the origin of this term, but it sure has stuck).

    Another is ‘the San Francisco’ of Australia (in reference to it’s hilly metro area, and former tram system – now defunct). Greater Brisbane is also the ‘gayest’ city in Australia, when measured by percentage of the population (Sydney still has a higher Gay population, but a lower proportion when counted as a percentage of the citywide population).

    When taking the whole state into account, it is referred to the Florida of Australia, with 1500 people moving here every week, mostly to the ‘south east corner’.

    With this in mind, Queensland also has the fastest growing GDP in Australia, thanks largly to our bounty of natural resources, and massive land area, which allows for a lot of industry.

    We are called the ‘sunshine state’ for a reason, with beatiful weather year round (with the exception of the occasional cyclone in Summer). Climate change has rapidly come into effect in our once green, savannah covered state, and the most extreme example was snow two weeks ago – IN THE MIDDLE OF SUMMER!

    Queensland has many attractions, the foremost being the worlds largest living organism – The Great Barrier Reef. We also have the worlds largest sand island, Fraser Island, which has world heritage listing, along with the reef and the Daintree, a small fraction of rainforest left of what once covered most of the north of the state.

    We have one of the worlds most popular beach front communities, Surfers Paradise, as well as some of the most exclusive resorts in the world, including Lizard Island and the Palazzo Versace.

    Come visit our town, Brisbane. It is the best in the world!

  63. Some people ARE stupid. Most people, by definition, are of average intelligence or lower than average. I am above average. Therefore, it is my duty to set those of average intelligence in line. I can give them thoughts of higher quality than the thoughts they themselves think.

  64. dee! dee! dee! it’s the future you twat! Why don’t you be more open minded about these things….anyway it’s a good idea that seems practical within the next few decades. With the rapid growth of technology, the population, and the economy, it seems very likely that these structures will become reality.

  65. How would they prevent the top having all year snow, and from the the top the views would be crap.

  66. How much energy would it take to pump water to the top of the volcano (assuming they still have showers up there)?

    In that height, I guess they can get water from clouds. :)

    How would they prevent the top having all year snow, and from the the top the views would be crap.

    Many rich people want to spend millions of dollars just to see the space. Now they can view it every night.

    What do u think?

  67. oh, one more thing.. if people build like this kind of infrastructure. we don’t need to destroy the environment. Animals and the greens most everyone wants can have it outside the building. We don’t need to wipe out the forests. we can use the land more efficiently. And also we can maximize the power of Solar/Wind energy.

  68. if this is built which i dont think it will be it will be the biggest thing that has ever happended to the world, i have been studying it for months and i think it is incredible, although i dont think it looks anything like mt fuji, if any one relly thinks it does talk to me about it my email adress is

  69. Did anyone mention that the estimated cost of construction is 900 billion United States dollars, which is approximatly 50 percent of Japans nominal GDP, this meaning that they would not have the economical capacities to build such a structure, even the United States would have a strain placed on it by such a structure.

  70. Perhaps this has already been addressed, but the tremendous weight seems to me to be the main obstacle.

  71. And Bill Gates would be the only one able to afford the rent for the penthouse (mind you then you could seal off the floor below him solving that problem once and for all)

  72. Personally I think this thing isn’t going to be bulit anytime in the near future. 100 years or *maybe* even close to a thousand years. Simply because it wouldn’t really be NEEDED for that amount of time. The resources isn’t hard, get trillions of tons of Titanium and Iron or whatever, from the millions of asteroids out there. By the time it’s needed, I don’t think that would be all that hard to do. I also don’t believe it would be impossible that one day the earth might just be a ecumenopolis. Again, do to the material out there in space. Space Colonies, likely and maybe in a couple thousand years, really needed. Summed up… Not to be seen in this generation, or maybe even several more generations down the road. That’s my stand.

  73. 59 of them would be enough for all of the italian people… what is so bad on the earth as it is?
    Sorry for my poor english…
    Phisically I think it’s impossible… could you think to the power that one needs to lift the water, the elevators and many other things?!
    There are many things that one can think and not all of them are skyscrapers… One more thing? Who should pay it? My brother says that Japanese people is really rich… but I don’t think so… it would cost billions of billions…

  74. hmmmm, well. Over the last few months I have given this building much thought. The internal public transport system idea is rather interesting, as well as entire floors devoted to nature, and everything else, the possibilities really are endless. The building itself is a horrible eyesore, but the idea is brilliant. Anyone know more details on that 900m tall tower being built in Dubai?

  75. It would take a great deal of material to build such a building, and definitely a long time to construct. The energy and resources are more involved than ever before. Overall it is great idea once it just shows continuously how their minds evolve in creative and innovative way. Reaching new levels of technology is the direction we are heading anyway. I favor the project.

  76. what da hell, 4000m, come on thats too tall and this also means too expensive.

    it will be cancelled, i have seen a lot of supertall projects which are over, let see 600m
    and the results are, most of them ARE cancelled.

    one humour, what if the construction workers in this building(if really constructed), get too cold (i will finish this later

  77. It doesn’t sound impractical to me, if you consider that in a near future there will flying cars, that result that you can park your car in the 800th floor without any problem.

  78. This futturistic monster will nver come into fruition. Why? well if you actually need it explained then yu must be crazy! It would take like all the power to light up Japan to power it, and how long would it take to get to the 800th floor! What if there is a fire? The building’s so big probably only a small section will be afected (if not then it would be like a 4000m high inferno). How would they evacuate it if they need to? With all those people. Come on, this isn’t the near future; nor are flying cars unless you believe that The Jetsons are what the US will look like in 2020!

  79. Several hundred billion dollars are about the GDP of such countries as the Netherlands and Belgium. If they could indeed come up with the money and finance the project, it will be more like a little country within a country than just a big building.

  80. They will build it, I am sure. I live in Japan and I am telling you. if Japanese can build 100 floor buildings and in active seismic area, they can build this structure too. And they probably build it relatively quickly too, as they always do…

  81. 2Tyler:

    Google earth Tokyo area and you will immediately see that there is a need for such a building. In Tokyo area, 20m^2 apartment rent could easily be $700-800, and not very fancy one — just basic. Japanese are building houses on any scrap of land they can get…

  82. I think it’s possible for such a building. In Taiwan 101 tower, it takes around 30 seconds to travel from ground to the top of the tower. And in the X-Seed 4000, there is a small society inside the big building, I think it’s acceptable for the people to take several minutes to get to other parts of the building. And there would be several hundreds of elevators to serve the residents. It’s just amazing. And I hope I would be able to go there for a visit at that time.

  83. I don’t really care if XSEED 4000 is never built the concept is amazing and the fact that someone is planning something so massive… I just can’t get my head around it!
    If anyone could build this thing the Japenese can, they’ve been solving the problem of buildings in a seismic zone for years and they have the technology.

  84. …I think it will get built, if u look back at all those other buildings like the Empire State building and the Petronas Towers, lets face it buildings are getting bigger and probably will continue to get bigger in the future…

  85. this thing looks like it has supports- but no real walls. That can’t be possible if they expect people to live there can it?

  86. Post #9 you’re honestly the biggest idiot in the world. This project is going to leave a huge negative mark on the city of Tokyo. It’s going to make Japan even more hated than it is now. This big metal piece of sh*t is going kill the resources and energy of this world, how much solar energy is this thing going to suck up just to run it. All the resources it takes to build this metal sh*t. And 2nd it’s unrealistic, How is anyone human going to be able to go up 13,000 ft to build this thing. The Japanese must’ve been on crack when they came up with this concept.

  87. wow
    OMFG this is soooooo cool i am soo going to live in it and use advanced nano technology to build me a lil relm to another world …… sooooooo cool
    i love the designer of this building xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    love me

  88. “In any case, it seems like nuclear power would be just as good.”

    “Eventually the Earth’s surface could become entirely covered in such structures.”




  89. Any one consider that there economy will boom and every one else will suffer, “send resume to japan”. We all ready have to pay increasing resourse like steel cause they want “stock pile”
    The next Super Power, just build a cannon out the top to get rid of any political disagreements.

  90. This is a good idea, better than making money of war and oil, they just leading the way, and soon others will follow, and bush will shrivel, cause what rises will fall.

  91. And im tired of people, goverments and so on thinking it all about money, today you have to get a head and do it fast, get in debt, invest, and reap the reward, all man kind, how come theres no rivals, to bild one bigger, this should have been an easy task to do years ago, we have the technology.

  92. (\__/) (\_(\
    (=’.’=) (=’.’)
    (”)_(”) (,(‘)(‘)


  93. would there be a slide from the 8ooth floor?

    u will need 6 bill gates to construct this building

    4ooom project is sctrictly speaking never mind

    its possible but 2 xpensive
    who will construct it robots? humans?

  94. This could well come about, but not anytime soon. A number of objections have been raised:
    1) Objection: Cost too much. Quoted, I think at $800 billion. How much has been spent on the Iraq war already? How much do multiple developments cost that would house, feed, employ, educate a city? It’s not appropriate to compare the cost of an arcology to the cost of a regular skyscraper–compare it to the cost of an entire city, which it is. We can develop and build a city, we can do the same with an arcology.
    2) Objection: Energy required to pump water, air, and send elevators up. How much energy is consumed now with tens of thousands of people in your average big city commuting an hour or more each way sitting in traffic? I have no doubt a well-designed arcology would be far more energy-efficient.
    3) Objection: Too much time to commute from one part of a huge arcology to another part–say at the top. Again I say, how much time do people sit in traffic waiting to get to work now? Furthermore, telecommuting and good design can also mitigate this concern.
    4) Objection: Who would want to live there? I might under certain circumstances. It depends. Think of the magnificent view. What would the quality of life be like? How well designed is it? What opportunities are there for good employment, education and recreation? Many people rarely leave their apartment or office. I think it could be a very exciting place to live.
    5) Objection: It would be a target for terrorists. Possibly, but we cannot let this fear rule us. We can take sensible precautions. What do we do now if an airliner approaches somewhere where its’ not supposed to? The arcology would see it coming a long way off, and point-defense missiles could be placed on top along with a radar and a control tower. In some ways, the arcology would be safer, because it would have a good field of view, and presents only one target. It would be so massive, that even an airliner striking it would certainly damage it, but not bring it down.

    Many say it’s a fantasy, and just can’t believe it could be developed or funded. Probably not now, but maybe in a century. Ask yourself: if you were to go back in time to the 18th or 19th century and propose the possibility of building a plane like the Boeing 747, he would laugh and think you were nuts.
    I would also point out that over time, economies grow, and what may be far-fetched financially now, may be pocket-change in a century.
    Two more issues: I believe for arcologies to work, several major employers will have to lease or buy major square footage there, and basically make it so that it’s where their employees live. I think it would have to be a package deal. Second, arcologies need not be this massive or tall. They need to be compact, provide employment and housing for the people who live there, not rely on cars, be either one building or a small group of very closely grouped buildings, and be largely self-sufficient.

  95. b5ATy2 Test myfunction comment

  96. Solar power is not ideal for this building because 1) The process used to create the panels is polluting, and 2) virtually every surface would have to be covered to power the city (hundreds of square miles of panels!!)
    Fission is probably not ideal because of the radioactive waste to be dealt with.
    {Fusion, on the other hand, might work, since {you can keep fusing the material until it {turned into iron, which gives off no energy {when fused. The only downside is it takes a lot {of energy to fuse something
    {Fuel cells could also be used, but they would {require a lot of space.
    Everything with this { symbol would require hydrogen, which could be harvested from algae that could be grown A) somewhere else (would require potentially explosive pipelines, boats, airships, or trucks) B) In the building (would take up enormous space) or C) in the ocean around the building (would turn the water into slimy filth and stink up the whole city).
    What if water-driven turbines, placed under the city, powered it? It would require thousands of them, but there would probably be enough room under such a massive structure. The city itself would protect them from tsunamis, etc.
    All in all, I’m stickin’ with the turbines, thank you very much.

  97. Just my 2cents after reading a few of the comments here:

    In no particular order, and its sad how many are star wars related:

    The Death Star was in SPACE. The forces at work regarding a project that large are different, even in FICTION. Not to mention it was built by an empire who was ruthless in taking the resources it needed.

    Coruscant was covered in buildings, arcology style or not, just as we will be. This style can replaces an incredible amount of sprawl that is making progress at covering the Earth. So maybe in 10 Billion years the Earth will be covered in these hyperbuildings, but if we don’t start building them now, we’ll just wind up covered in strip malls and single family homes that much sooner.

    We have to be careful about the details, especially the fiction based ones, when we deal with a design like this and other arcology proposals. If you are going to throw stones, do some research. Don’t just say X wouldn’t work or Y is inconceivable. That’s not our job here, and we do have one!

    We can either respond with support, respond with well thought out comments, or not respond at all.

    The designers have a lot more work to do people, this is JUST A CONCEPT.

  98. Genetically engineered humans in a few decades? Stop eating mushrooms and get back to work dude

  99. And btw to Dave above, in 10 billion years the Earth will be long gone (the Sun has 5 billion years left). Stop watching the Space Channel and read a friggin book

  100. Have you checked out the Bio Tower? I would love to live in X-seed, but I doubt I will see it built.

  101. Solar panal could power this up, there’s so much break through and very efficient solar panel that are being developped today…It won’t be conventional solar panel, but rather paint which can capture solar energy via nano-photovolcaique cell.With emmergiing nano teck new design are coming through, jsut as the space elevator, whihcis a pretty serious project but that is lacking funds, and who is based on nanoteck aswell.
    As for the structure, it makes more sens tahn conventional can house more people, while offering more abilities to generate its own energy, this is really smart design.

  102. 蛤蛤

  103. it wouldn’t look the best of buildings, i mean fancy waking up to that thing right in front of your house. seems odd that people are thinking its green how can you supply 1,000,000 people with electricity on just solar panels…

  104. Regarding energy required for the lifts.. its just an idea.. ever heard of hybrid cars.. They give almost twice the mileage.. when ever the car brakes the energy is stored in the batteries and later used by the car.. The same way they could save the energy generated by the gravitation force when the lift comes down and then use it elevate the lift..

  105. By the time this is finished we would have found ways of living on other planets and we would be in another ice age. It is a good idea though, i little bit ambitious but good. We should be thinking about projects like this in all major cities. One of my concerns is where and how would you supply enough materials to construct this.

  106. If I lived on the 800th floor how long would I have to wait for the elevator? How many elevators whould it need to service a million people? That’s like the entire population of Leeds waiting for a lift.

    sounds like the worlds greatest slide should be created

  107. For the Fire concern…
    i read in this official political article that fireproof paneling would be used throughout the building, so that if a fire did break out, it would be contained in a small area

    for the earthquake concern…
    This structure was also planned to be built on water, and earthquakes wouldn’t effect the structure

    For water and waste concerns…
    they would simply use a plumbing system throughout the building, and since transporting water to the top would be very energy dependant, they found a way to use the gravitational force on the water, and convert it into useable energy

    for transport concerns…
    a new kind of elevator is being tested in japan righ tnow that can travel many times faster then elevators we use today, and can carry up to 70 people. also many people won’t need to use the elevators since stores and restaurants, residencial units, and offices would be on every floor possible, limiting the dependancy of the elevators

    pollution concerns…
    engineers created ways to use the most energy efficient technology, and most environmentally friendly technology to be used in this massive structure

    the population of the world is estimated to be over 9.4 billion by 2070
    considering that we are running out of valueble agriculturally benficial land, we can’t afford to use anymore of it up, also since there is a global food shortage. cities with a 1 million population takes up dozens to hundreds of square kilometers, this building will house that same amount of people in just 10 square kilometers.

    this structure will be economically and environmentally beneficial, and should be wished upon for it’s construction, since this will create countless jobs and residencies for the growing population, will boost the economy, and still be environmentally logical.

  108. They are so stupid over in Japan. Even if they do build this waste of people’s time and money, I would never want to live there. See, you don’t understand. Once you start living inside that thing, you’re not going outside of it anytime soon. That thing is made to be it’s own seperate city and it’s not made for people to come in and out. Over in New York they’re actually coming up with reasonable ideas like building the Freedom Tower which will be 1,776 feet high when completed, not 13,000!

  109. mike… thats the idea

    you need to stop thinkin of this as a building and start thinking of it as a city. its like going to move to the next suburb. you’re not going to visit your family everyday…

    and just because YOU wouldnt live in it, doesnt mean somebody else wouldnt…

  110. This is possible but it will finish in 5008
    we need lots of power and oxygen and power(i know irepeated power cause we need more power!!!!!!!!!!)

  111. There’s a lot of debate about what the tallest tower in the world currently is. Some say the Taipei 101, at 1671 ft to the tip of it’s spire, is the world’s tallest tower, whereas we might argue that the Sears Tower, at a whopping 1731 ft (and 110 stories), still takes the prize. However, if the enormous, 13,000 ft X-Seed 4000 structure ever gets built in Tokyo – it will win the worlds-tallest-building competition hands down and leave its puny competitors in the dirt.
    Looking eerily like Mt. Doom in the above rendering, the mountain-like X-Seed 4000 represents a utopian eco-vision for a self-contained high-rise city in the Tokyo harbor – powered mainly by solar energy. Aesthetically inspired by nearby Mt. Fuji, the behemoth building would measure 13,123 feet tall with a 6 square-kilometer footprint, and could accommodate five hundred thousand to one million inhabitants.
    Designed by Taisei Construction Corporation.

  112. (contineued)Unlike conventional skyscrapers, the X-Seed 4000 would be required to actively protect its occupants from considerable air pressure gradations and weather fluctuations along its massive elevation. Its design calls for the use of solar power to maintain internal environmental conditions. Some estimate that the cost to construct the X-Seed 4000 structure may be somewhere between US$300-900 billion.
    We’re not saying it’s impossible, but for now, X-Seed 4000 seems like more of a utopian vision for contemporary green urban planning than a viable design solution

  113. I hate this i am mad and i am mad i hat myself plz leave this site and it is a huge city that will never get built

    • Undeniably believe that which you stated. Your favourite reason seemed to be at the net the simplest
      thing to be mindful of. I say to you, I certainly get
      irked even as other folks consider concerns that they just do not recognise about.
      You controlled to hit the nail upon the top and defined out the entire thing with no need side-effects ,
      other people can take a signal. Will likely be again to get more.


  114. This really speaks to me in my heart deeply.This leaves a message in my heart so much at first sight i’ve saw it. Who won’t amire this peice of art and it is located at my favorite city Tokyo ,Japan! This is a dream i think i found my sight I found that piece


  116. Ignorance appears to be everywhere, I love the wild unfounded speculation in these comments.

    Firstly, the car will be redundant in one of these structures so no driving. A car or anything resembling one defeats the objective of the structures design, the car is a solution to transportation in a flat, inefficient city.

    bob said
    “It wouldn’t look the best of buildings, i mean fancy waking up to that thing right in front of your house. seems odd that people are thinking its green how can you supply 1,000,000 people with electricity on just solar panels…”

    -I’m sorry, but aesthetics are more than that, nostalgia allows for old steam engines to be seen as beautiful, and they are smelly, noisy, polluting, ugly things at first glance. Waking up to that thing in front of your house? erm if they built that your house would be in there not outside… How can solar panels supply that electricity…? Well lets see the entire earth runs on solar power, it’s called photosynthesis, it provides the energy for the food chain that provides the food that gave you the energy to type your message. Also I don’t remember reading anything in arcological design that states just solar.

    Comments on crime and terrorism…er wtf? We already have crime and terrorism, since when do you see redesigning our cities to minimize our resource consumption, thereby avoiding extinction or at least large population loss correlating to religious fundamentalism? Crime is caused by lack of resources…which is another reason why our cities are flawed. Get out of silly Utopian fantasy concepts of what this structure is about, it is quite simply a solution to very real and very threatening problems to our existence on this Earth. It not to show off, it’s not a silly idea of some mad scientist, or a method of mind control by the “illuminati”. This is convergent evolution, once one country builds one of these…the rest will follow or be left behind.

    If you wish to comment here maybe take some time to understand what it is that you are looking at before leaving statements like:

    by Not Japanese
    Post #9 you’re honestly the biggest idiot in the world. This project is going to leave a huge negative mark on the city of Tokyo. It’s going to make Japan even more hated than it is now. This big metal piece of sh*t is going kill the resources and energy of this world, how much solar energy is this thing going to suck up just to run it. All the resources it takes to build this metal sh*t. And 2nd it’s unrealistic, How is anyone human going to be able to go up 13,000 ft to build this thing. The Japanese must’ve been on crack when they came up with this concept.

    I think you are on crack.

    We have had men walk on the moon and live in space, whats your point about 13,000 ft? Pressure suits, pressurized cranes, etc etc we have solutions to these problems already, it is just that our cities are so inefficent and poorly designed that we cant get all the right people together in the same place to make one of these things happen, the funny thing is once we build one, the second will be far far easier to build from the base of the first.

    As for if you can leave the structure, why wouldnt you be able to? It’s not a prison. The question you should ask is what would your reasons be for leaving? The same reasons you drive or fly hundreds of miles for vacation, the only difference with this structure is the point at which you reach those “natural” places is the base of the arcology, not 150 miles —-> down a traffic congested motorway.

    I could rant for days more, but alas I have other things to attend to.

  117. this is mad if this is ever built it would take so long to bulid and you would lose oxygen at the top. if there was a fire the top floor how wud u be saved. you couldnt. how far could you see from the top or a certain height. how you going to get people to bulid a biulding 1300 ft high. who wud eve go that high.

  118. Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha!
    People are absolutely out-of-control! Doesn’t everyone realize that the world’s entire population could fit in an area the size of Jacksonville, Florida? Do the math yourselves if you don’t believe it. I say, “Let them build their mega-structures”. They can move into them as well. I would like to see their faces when the bases fail, a fire breaks out, a plain collides with it, during an earthquake, or God forbid – a collision from a meteorite/satellite.
    But hey – it looks good on paper right, so did the Soviet Union, the Berlin Wall, the twin towers, and the tower of Babel. My hats off to you. I wont be moving in.

  119. lee butler brings up an excellent point. Oxygen starts becoming an issue for most us at about 10,000 feet. Altitude sickness is a real and serious issue. Even airplanes have issues and must be designed with pressurized cabins in order to fly extensively above those heights. Pikes Peak in Colorado has an elevation of more than 14,000 feet. There is a medic station at the top for people who feel woozy, dizzy, excessively tired, or just plain pass out.

  120. This building is not possible. it would take over 50 years to complete. LOL i would love to see it be completed but unfortuneatly i’d be dead before it got to the 400th floor. -.- this project is null and void and i don’t think they can pull it off. lol. seriously this project is bull shit. it would take over 1000000 people.
    look at the picture this go’s into the stratosphere which will prevent people from having windows. and if one window broke these people would have poor air and die from pressure. even a earthquake would be the killer of this structure.

  121. Hey… sure this building isn´t possible, man in space isn´t possible, fire isn´t possible…
    Dammed if we were all so scarry and spooked like most of the people and post here we would all still hunt with a bow…. oh sry a bow also isn´t possible but dammed don´t ou get it? Perhaps WE won´t see the first of this Buildings perhaps even not our children. 100 years ago they couldn´t think we could build a building that is 500 m hight and now look at Dubai 818 meters.
    But hey all u dummies up there… go back for your caves.
    To all the others thx for the nice input in this post. There were some really good and interesting ideas, this are the ideas to get stuff like done.

    sry for my english….i hope i didn´t made to many mistakes ;)

  122. I think nobody have complete information about this unbelievable project. can anyone tell us when this project will starts and when it will be finished?

  123. I would like to see this built. I have watched patiently for two years as the Burj Dubai was built and now it is finally nearing completion. The X-seed could be powered by energy from the quantum electromagnetic field (also called ZPE) when this is finally allowed by the people who control distribution of the new energy devices – and they are not very nice to say the least. Those of us studying the Melchizedek Cloister Emerald Order teachings know the whole story behind our Galaxy but this will be hard to believe because the information comes through psychically (called Crystal Keylontic transmissions) and this is why we don’t have the new devices. It is very a very complicated story.

  124. i think its good that they are thinking of such projects. buildings like this should be built so that people will use less area on earth so there will be no need to clear out forrests so that the increasing population could build homes

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