Accelerating Future Transhumanism, AI, nanotech, the Singularity, and extinction risk.


Top 10 Excuses for Dying

1. Every year, there are fewer bars playing hits from the 70s.
2. Afraid of getting into future accident involving flying cars.
3. Wouldn't want to disappoint my enemies.
4. Cancellation of Family Guy.
5. Escaping sexless marriage.
6. Wanted to have an ironic gravestone.
7. Trying to be more existentialist.
8. Halo server is down.
9. God made me do it.
10. I have no friends.

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  1. No excuse for dying. I can’t wait for the future, friends or not.

  2. Between that and Eliezer’s book’s cover, this has been a really funny day.

  3. Hell, if we’d just get a move-on with robotech, nanotech, SENS and FAGI (which admittedly we’re startin’ to), then there wouldn’t even be any excuse for temporarily deanimating and becoming a corpsicle! (Said the impatient soon-to-be 50 yr-old! ;) ) Yeah, Michael, great post. And Eliezer’s “book cover” is indeed also a hoot (thanks, Nick, for that link!)!

    Hey, Michael, how is YOUR book comin’ along?! And how do you anticipate publishing it? Have a hoped-for finish date in mind yet?


  4. About halfway, would like to publish it with a real publisher instead of an online one. Finish date… probably by Fall?

  5. There was a story in the old-testament about a man which was prayed for by King David, that man lived long enough as a result of the prayer. This longer life allowed the man to be a terrible king, the terrible king also had a son which was exceedingly-wicked. That can be interpreted two ways.
    The most common way is to avoid standing in the path of death, by ripping away present-day life-support systems. This is justified by proclaiming the denial of death, needed to save us from lasting long enough to be exceedingly-wicked is needed.
    Next is the competing biblical=perspective of realizing God can kill, for the preventing of run-away sinfulness. With this perspective eliminating the suffering caused by the sinful state which we have entered into, is the desired state of existence.
    This longer life will allow more people to be brought to salvation, through admission of the penalty of sin and the answer know as the Anointed Savior. Knowing of being taken when it is the will of God, does not cancel the validity of better health and better service to God, though using technology.

  6. The hardest thing about living significantly longer – especially if we’re talking about the optimistic 1000+ years that Aubrey de Grey proposes – would surely be the ‘leaving behind’ of lost loved ones. I guess it would be hardest for the first generation of life-extended individuals, who would be living with the memory of deceased parents, grandparents, etc. The motivation to be with their own children and grandchildren would probably keep them alive, but wouldn’t their old bonds be something of a burden? Would romantic notions of an afterlife, whether previously believed in or not, tempt people to follow others into death?

  7. Nebris, it’s interesting… but I totally disagree that space travel is necessary to make the world a better place. This reads sort of like, “well, H+ and space travel are connected, and if there are H+ who don’t care about space travel, their mission is destined to fail!” Well, no. But I do agree that anyone who gets involved in serious space travel is likely to be a H+ at least, more likely an upload.

  8. 11. Just can’t take any more election coverage.

  9. “would surely be the ‘leaving behind’ of lost loved ones.”

    My older contacts assure me that you do get over it, even if it is hard. Many of your early social connections are, after all, totally random.

    “This is justified by proclaiming the denial of death, needed to save us from lasting long enough to be exceedingly-wicked is needed.”

    Many books about fictional immortals predict the opposite effect; since people live forever, they are motivated to be especially polite, as they’ll have to deal with any grudges centuries down the line.

  10. No. 1 is a reason to stay alive!

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