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Nanofactories and Microfactories

Josh responded to me on the nanofactories thing again. Chris Phoenix has a few relevant things to say on a related item, the possibility of microfactories.

Over at SIAI, I'm hard at work on Singularity Summit 2009 related stuff. There'll be an announcement on that soon. Also, the SIAI summer internship program has started, and both Tom and Steven are involved in it down in Sunnyvale.

The nurse is coming next week to take my and Sarah Rose's blood samples for our life insurance policy for getting solid frozen. I decided to go for Alcor because I realized (thanks to an email from a friendly reader) that whole-body vitrification is not yet possible, and Cryonics Institute only does full-body. So we're just going to get our heads vitrified, if everyone isn't dead by then already. (Dark humor, ha ha ha!)

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  1. Michael, how do you respond to ‘continuity of consciousness’ issues regarding Cryonics?


  2. Jim, I take a patternist conception of the self, so if the pattern is preserved, it doesn’t matter when or how.

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