J. Storrs Hall’s Feynman Path Proposal to MNT

1. Feynman’s proposal to achieve molecular manufacturing.
2. A historical note on the idea : Heinlein’s fictional Waldoes. Waldoes in the story were (a) self-replicating (”Reduplicating”) and (b) scale-shifting (”Pantograph”).
3. Why hasn’t the Feynman Path been attempted, or at least studied and analyzed?
4. The Feynman path involves more than MEMS
5. Is it worth starting now?
6. Some of the Open Questions
7. Outline of the steps to make a Feynman Path roadmap.
8. An example of prior work which suggests that 1/1000th scale is a good place to start on the Feynman Path.
9. Promising candidates technologies for fabricating key components or steps and considerations for the Feynman Path.
10. The Feynman Path initiative is a specific, concrete proposal

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