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RepRap “Mendel” to be Released Soon!

There is lots of great activity happening at RepRap, with its superlative slogan, "wealth without money". The big news lately is the upcoming release of "RepRap II", also called Mendel. The first was Darwin. Here is a video of Mendel's first print:

Mendel's first print from Rep Rap on Vimeo.

The cost for the parts to build Mendel is approximately £395. However, it can self-replicate. Here's a description of the improvements of Mendel over Darwin:

Mendel's improvements over Darwin from Rep Rap on Vimeo.

And finally, here is a video of the 4-machine "RepRap Factory", which consists solely of machines dedicated to building parts for other machines:

Multiple RepRaps from Rep Rap on Vimeo.

Congratulations to everyone at RepRap on their work.

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  1. So, I was reading that Mendel will also print pcb’s or ROPEC technology. Is this confirmed yet or is it still debatable?

    This is the best thing going!

    little Mikey

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