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Foresight 2010 Slides

Here are the slides from my Foresight presentation, "Don't Fear the Singularity, but Be Careful: Friendly AI Design". According to Foresight's blog, video will be posted later, "funds permitting". Unfortunately, due to the conference starting late, I had to stop at slide 39 to keep pace with the schedule, but I got most of my important points in. (The only parts that got cut off were my commentary on the recent AAAI Presidential Panel on Long-Term AI Futures and my summary of Singularity Institute work, though I did mention the latter several times.) I would like to record this talk for Vimeo as long as my hardware is high-quality enough to make it look good.

See Brian Wang's notes on my talk here. Brian provided excellent liveblogging coverage of the entire conference.

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  1. Hey – would you mind saving this as a PDF? Don’t have Office 2007 or OpenOffice at work. Thanks for posting!

  2. Your quotes are not matched on slide 24.

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