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Eyes Flashing, Robot Presides at Japanese Wedding

Speaking of technology intruding into the traditional role of religious authorities...

Coverage and a gallery can be found at AP.

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  1. Now waiting for news about bots getting married.

    I’ve always wondered about the “authority” that religious authorities exercise. Religious authorities have authority concerning exactly what? To command people to go kill the worshipers of a different meme? Goes in the same oxymoron bin with ‘military intelligence.’

  2. Actually I found the robot cute and at the same time funny. Well! we are moving to the future.

  3. I bet the ceremony went something like this:
    We are ‘assembled’ here today in the face of this company, to join together male human x and female human y in holy integration; If any interrupts are buffered, we are listening on 4 auditory and 2 digital microphones as to why they may not be lawfully integrated. Listening process will wait for 2000 milliSeconds before all ports are closed and buffers cleared.

    Male human x, do you take female human y for your lawful integration? Will you process all her inputs, prioritize said human, provide monetary benifits and deny access to other integration?


    Robot: Does not compute.

    Groom: But

    Robot: 2 of 3 tries failed.

    Groom: I guess….

    Robot: Response does not much. Access denied. Your face and voice has been recorded and will be reported to the authorities for potential impersonation. Female human suggested to dump core and exit ceremony. Will self destruct in 4.5 seconds starting now.


  4. Yeah… I’m sorry, but this is, I have to use this word, retarded. The whole point of ceremony is that it is done by human. Legally speaking it isn’t improtant, but law is like program-stupid and mindless. With sandess I observe, that hype and antireligiousity is clouding your judgments.

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