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Martine Rothblatt in Forbes Magazine

There is a story on Martine Rothblatt, a prominent transhumanist, in the most recent issue of Forbes magazine. It tells the story of how Martine transitioned from being a satellite company executive to a pharmaceutical executive to save her daughter from a rare disease.

Some of you may recall my liveblogging coverage from the 3rd annual Terasem Colloquium on the Law of Transbeman Persons and the 4th annual Terasem Colloquium on the Law of Futuristic Persons, which were hosted in Satellite Beach, Florida, by Martine and her wife Bina. These intimate gatherings gave me the opportunity to speak one-on-one with memorable characters such as Wendell Wallach, Marvin Minsky, and many others.

H/t to Robert Freitas for the link.

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  1. Sorry – what is the definition of “Transbeman”, I suppose relative to “Transhuman”? I can’t find a good definition on the web.

  2. “Transbeman” means a person who identifies as TRANScending Biological and Electronic definitions of a huMAN. A biological definition of a human is someone whose DNA fits within the range of DNA polymorphisms found in people who are legally accepted as humans. An electronic definition of a human is someone who values being a human but is not made entirely of flesh. A transbeman values being a human and meets both the biological and electronic definitions of a human. An example is someone who has created a mindclone in software. The person, who exists both as software and as flesh, is both biological and electronic. They are a transbeman.

    A transbeman is a kind of transhuman (there are other kinds, such as ones that eschew electronics), just as a transhuman is a kind of futuristic person (there are other kinds, such as ones that eschew eugenics in favor of purely euthenic technological tools).

    Futuristic persons, transhumans, transbemans — these are all specifications of the general trend toward human betterment and empowerment, a trend as old as recorded history.

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