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Singularity Summit 2010 Tweets and Links

@RachelHaywire The Singularity Summit is intimidating. It makes SXSW seem like grade school. I like that. #SS2010

@GregKellogg #ss2010 Singularity Summit: like TED, for at a fraction of the price.

@phoo: Registration for Singularity Summit 2010? $485. Getting a hug from James Randi? Priceless! #ss2010 #jamesrandi

@jref James Randi and the technological singularity: #ss2010 #skeptic

@ian_g Steve Mann wins Singularity Summit "weird prize" (in a good way) #ss2010

@mtraven: My review of best and worst talks at #ss2010

@ifcthegrid Watching James Randi speak at #ss2010: wonderful. Standing next to James Randi at a urinal at #ss2010: priceless.

SF Weekly's roundup -- fantastic!

WeBlogTheWorld's roundup, with some great pictures. downtheavenue also has coverage.

Singularity Hub's review.

WIRED's Gadget Lab has a couple posts.

An article from a Palm Beach newspaper mentions how "Singularity has become a popular topic of discussion recently at the Fort Lauderdale-based James Randi Educational Foundation."

There are hundreds more tweets if you search the tag.

My favorite part of Singularity Summit? Working and talking w/ Michael, Amy, Aruna, the dozens of amazing volunteers that helped put together this event behind the scenes, and the donors that make SIAI's existence possible.

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