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Assorted Links September 6th, 2010

Robin Hanson on Who Should Exist? and Ways to Pay to Exist.

IEEE Spectrum has an interview with Ratan Kumar Sinha, who designed India's new thorium reactor.

The popular website "The Big Think" has a couple transhumanist writers, Parag and Ayesha Khanna. Their latest article, Can Hollywood Redesign Humanity? continues forward the H+/Hollywood connection which has been promoted previously by Jason Silva and others. "Documentaries Ponder the Future" is another one of their articles.

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  1. This is a comedically anthropocentric viewpoint. The rest of the animal kingdom do not care about supply and demand, or whether they need to pay for themselves. Indeed most of them probably do not have any concept of money.

    In a way evolution does decide upon the question of who should exist or not and how long life spans should be, but not in this very contrived human-centric manner. It does a more efficient job by simply generating variation and then leaving the complex parallel optimisation problem down to the universe to sort out.

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