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Eric Drexler: “Give the “D Word” a Rest”

In a recent blog post, father of nanotechnology Eric Drexler quotes a historian who wrote in to correct mistakes in a Nature article that claimed that the NNI (National Nanotechnology Initiative) caused enthusiasm in nanotechnology, rather than the other way around. He also explains why he loathes the term "Drexlerian".

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  1. Actually, this time I quote a historian who wrote to correct Nature.

  2. “Pop nano”. I like it!

  3. Eric Drexler is a genius.

  4. I want to copy a post from the comments in Eric Drexler’s blog, from a commentator named MLK. This is exactly how many of us feel:

    You know, just between you and me, I think “Drexlerian” is a good word.

    You know what was Drexlerian? Kennedy telling Congress in 1961 that we were going to the moon, using rockets not yet designed, alloys not yet conceived, navigation/docking schemes not yet divised, to send a man to a world not yet known, maped or explored — even by robots — and bring him safely back and with a solid deadline. He said that before any American had achieved earth orbit. It was Drexlerian and it really happened. I think the same thing could happen with nano tech and it’s a future that we could achieve.

    I won’t use the word again out of respect, though, but secretly to me, it means great optimisim about technology and hope for the future, not just for science or nano tech but for humanity as well.

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