Accelerating Future Transhumanism, AI, nanotech, the Singularity, and extinction risk.


Assorted Links 10/10/10

Anders Sandberg: What did you learn about the singularity today?
BBC News -- Smart specs unite world and data
First-Ever Immersive Tech Summit to Convene in LA
How to better understand and participate on Less Wrong
Neurons cast votes to guide decision-making
Salk Institute finds neural code used by the retina to relay color information to the brain
Tiny generators turn waste heat into power
Nanotechnology team reports the strongest organic nanomaterial ever developed
Titanium foams replace injured bones
Mapping the Brain on a Massive Scale
Highly Flexible and All-Solid-State Paperlike Polymer Supercapacitors

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  1. Thanks for linking to my list. Someone suggested to move it to the main site. I updated it again and posted it, here goes:

    References & Resources for LessWrong

  2. Thanks for the links. I like Anders Sandberg’s summary in particular. He comes off as very reasonable. His even handedness dealing with different perspectives on the singularity and friendliness is refreshing.

    In his talk with Carl he mentions, “Basically we argued that if hardware is the limiting factor we should see earlier but softer intelligence explosions than if software is hard to do, in which case we should see later, less expected and harder takeoffs.”

    I think this is important to consider. I lean toward being cautious and desiring slower progress, but if AI is hardware limited, then the safest thing we could be doing is pushing for quick and dirty AI as fast as we can get it.

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