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Ben Best: Deficiencies in the SENS Approach to Rejuvenation

A new article from Ben Best in Cryonics magazine:

I am an ardent supporter of Dr. Aubrey de Grey and his work to advance rejuvenation science. The man is priceless and unique in his concepts, brilliance, dedication, organizational abilities, and networking skill. His impact on anti-aging science has been powerful. I have attended all four of the conferences he has organized at Cambridge University in England. For the February 2006 issue of LIFE EXTENSION magazine I interviewed Dr. de Grey, and for the December 2007 issue of LIFE EXTENSION I wrote a review of ENDING AGING, the book he co-authored with Michael Rae.

Dr. de Grey asserts that aging is the result of seven kinds of damage -- and that technologies that repair all seven types of damage will result in rejuvenation. His seven-fold program for damage repair is called SENS: "Strategies for Engineered Negligible Senescence". Dr. de Grey asserts that repairing aging damage is a more effective approach than attempting to slow or prevent aging, and I agree with him. Being an ardent supporter of SENS has not stopped me from simultaneously being a critic of aspects of his program that I think are flawed or deficient. I will attempt to outline some of my criticisms in simple language, assuming that my readers have some knowledge of basic science.


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  1. An excellent and targeted criticism of De grey and his approach. I disagree, for what it’s worth, about his opinion of mitochondrial regeneration, but his criticism of DNA damage and cancer is well founded. While direct damage is unlikely to be a direct cause of mortality with current lifespans, it is associated with loss of quality of life, especially with cognitive decline. That said, a broadening of Apoptosens may allow a simple solution for the problem of non cancerous non senescent damaged cells, especially if coupled with neuronal regeneration technologies.

  2. There are immortal negligible senescence insects, whales, etc. Insects hold particular promise as there exists identically genetical beings where difference in gene expression gets you from aging to ageless(eusocial queens v.s. nurses)

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