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Foresight @ Google: 25th Anniversary & Reunion Weekend

Interested in emerging technologies?
Fascinated by the potential in transformative nanotech?
Come explore the future with...

25th Anniversary Conference Celebration and Reunion Weekend
Google HQ in Mountain View, CA
June 25-26 2011

A rockstar lineup includes keynotes:

• JIM VON EHR - Founder/President of Zyvex,
the world's first successful molecular nanotech company
• BARNEY PELL, PhD - Cofounder/CTO of Moon Express, competing for Google's Lunar X PRIZE

With speakers and panelists including:
• WILLIAM ANDREGG - Founder/CEO of Halcyon Molecular
• MIKE GARNER, PhD - Chair of ITRS Emerging Research Materials
• MIKE NELSON - CTO of NanoInk
• LUKE NOSEK - CoFounder of Paypal, Founders Fund Partner
• PAUL SAFFO, PhD - Wired, NYT-published strategist & forecaster
• SIR FRASER STODDART, PhD - Knighted for creation of molecular "switches" and a new field of nanochemistry
• THOMAS THEIS, PhD - IBM's Director of Physical Sciences

For the full speaker roster, as well as information on our exclusive 25th Anniversary Banquet, see our conference website:

Space is limited!

For $50 off, register now with the special discount code just for AF readers: ACCELERATING

I hope to see you all there!

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