What Does it Mean to be a Transhumanist?

To me, transhumanism is a temporary movement — transitional. Its role is to help individuals and society transition to living in a world where some portion of society technologically transforms their minds and bodies on both incremental and fundamental levels. This might range from getting a Google-connected neural implant to uploading one’s consciousness into a virtual world. We transhumanists consider (cautious!) developments along these lines to be a good thing, and feel that the most pressing objections and concerns have been adequately addressed, including:

- What are the reasons to expect all these changes?Won’t these developments take thousands or millions of years?What if it doesn’t work?Won’t it be boring to live forever in a perfect world?Will new technologies only benefit the rich and powerful?Aren’t these future technologies very risky? Could they even cause our extinction?If these technologies are so dangerous, should they be banned?Shouldn’t we concentrate …

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