1. equlibrium

    Nice to see you interviewed, Michael. Not sure transhumanism has got anywhere (where it wanted to be) in the past decade or so, though.

    The long future will certainly take care of itself but it’s hard to see what can be done in the immediate future to move things along.

  2. equlibrium

    I would like to see you, or some other knowledgeable transhumanist, compile a current top 10 of transhumanism’s issues, topics, technological and philosophical projects, and achievements (if any).

  3. This is all very fascinating but if you believe in the Bible you would know that this earth is between 7000-8000 years old. So many people believe that it is billions and millions of years old but it is sooo untrue. Keep checking things out but research what you tell people. I need proof from you that this world is older. Thanks,

  4. Phil Holt

    Hello Marti, I am sure you are unable to prove that the Earth is much older than 6000 years. Certainly 7000-8000 years is stretching it. The Sun was created just before the Earth in the act of creation we call the Big Bang, and it surely didn’t take 1000-2000 thousand years! You see, scientists agree it was an event that took lasted no longer than a blink of an eye – an explosion – which is what the Holy Bible tells us: a _brief_ period.

    Don’t worry about finding proof: there is none forthcoming. How could there be? If there was we would have been presented it already.

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