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500 Pictures of Singularity Summit 2010 Available

Photo by A. Jolly 2010.

My Flickr account contains almost 500 photos of Singularity Summit 2010, more than you could ever want. I mentioned this before in the Singularity Institute newsletter but not here. A special thanks to our photographers, A. Jolly and Anthony Scatchell. Please get in touch with me if you are interested in volunteering for photography next year.

Steven Mann is so cool!

The videos are currently being edited, they'll be completed over the next few weeks. Sorry for the delay, one of our initial editors backed out of the project. Watch the Vimeo channel for updates. I'll announce it officially on SIAI blog when some go online.

Total attendance at Singularity Summit 2010 was approximately 620.

For any new readers: the Singularity Summit is put on by the Singularity Institute, which I work for. I co-organize Singularity Summit, assisting our President, Michael Vassar. Everyone at the Singularity Institute cooperates to make the Singularity Summit happen. The Singularity Summit MC is Sean McCabe, previously a close assistant to James Randi.


Amusing Ourselves to Death

Aldous Huxley and George Orwell... who was right?

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Atmospheric CO2 Levels Over Geologic Time

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God is an Alien Scientist

Via M[C]S. Apparently the Vatican is OK with belief in ETs. But is it OK if we believe God was an ET and we can summon his powers with the right radio signals? Try asking your local pastor that, and his head will explode.

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World Map of Population Density

Mountains, underground, skies, oceans, deserts. Room for many.

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XKCD on Terminator

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John Powers’ Sculptures

John Powers has a website that shows off his amazing sculptures. Many of them look like futuristic pixelated 3D objects. They also remind me of swarming robots.

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Aubrey de Grey in a Cool Hat

Here is a picture of Aubrey in a knitted hat, by Christopher Sykes. I am currently interviewing him for a piece on the Singularity for h+ magazine, so stay tuned.

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Markarian’s Chain

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AGI Discussion

Discussion of AGI ethics at Convergence 2008. From left going clockwise, dunno, Anna Salamon, Peter Voss, Matt Bamberger, dunno, Steve Rayhawk, dunno, dunno, me, Brad Templeton.

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Science Desktop

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Terraformed Mars


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