Foresight Institute Announces Kartik M. Gada Humanitarian Innovation Prizes

From RepRap blog:

The Foresight Institute has announced its Kartik M. Gada Humanitarian Innovation Prize to design and build a better RepRap. There is an interim prize of $20,000, and a grand prize of $80,000. They consulted with the core RepRap team before the announcement and we were initially concerned that the prizes might drive developers to secrecy in order to give themselves a competitive edge. As you will see they have addressed those concerns by making it a condition of winning the prize that solutions should be pre-published and made available under a free licence. For ourselves and on your behalf, we would like to thank the Institute for the enthusiasm that these prizes demonstrate for the RepRap project and for their magnificent generosity.

Congrats to Foresight Institute and Kartik Gada for establishing this interesting and substantial prize. There is another prize, too. Besides the Personal Manufacturing Prize, there is a Water Liberation Prize, described …

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RepRap Blog: Metal Bits from a RepRap

Vik Olliver, a RepRap hobbyist, created a PLA mold (of a Mighty RepRap Power Ring), filled it with melted pewter, let it cool, then used a hammer to chip off the PLA material. This is the first use of RepRap with metal casting that I’m aware of. In his blog post on the topic, Olliver implies that it might be possible to try it with metals with higher melting points like aluminum or bronze, with proper research. Here is a photograph of the completed ring:

Also check out Thingiverse, which has plans for various designs for RepRap to fabricate. I really like the planetary gear calling card and Turner’s cube.

Plaster of Paris (which was used to shield the PLA from the …

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RepRap “Mendel” to be Released Soon!

There is lots of great activity happening at RepRap, with its superlative slogan, “wealth without money”. The big news lately is the upcoming release of “RepRap II”, also called Mendel. The first was Darwin. Here is a video of Mendel’s first print:

Mendel’s first print from Rep Rap on Vimeo.

The cost for the parts to build Mendel is approximately £395. However, it can self-replicate. Here’s a description of the improvements of Mendel over Darwin:

Mendel’s improvements over Darwin from Rep Rap on Vimeo.

And finally, here is a video of the 4-machine “RepRap Factory”, which consists solely of machines dedicated to building parts for other machines:

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