Overview of AGI Research


Photo courtesy of Hugo de Garis

The first panel discussion of AGI-08 was on the subject of research methods for artificial general intelligence. Session chair Eric Baum started off by responding to presentations by panelists Jonathan Connell, Joscha Bach, Wlodzislaw Duch, and Pei Wang. Questions on the first of the conference’s presentations then were taken from the audience.

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What Do You Mean by “AI”?


Stan Franklin and Pei Wang at AGI-08

Many problems in the field of artificial intelligence can be traced back to the confusion created by differing research goals. In his presentation at AGI-08, Pei Wang clarified and compared five typical ways to define AI. He argued that though they are all legitimate research goals, they lead the research to very different directions, and most of them have trouble giving AI a proper identity.
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AI and AGI: Past, Present and Future


Ben Goertzel, AGI-08 organizing committee member and CEO/CSO of Novamente LLC, presented “AI and AGI: Past, Present and Future” during the First Conference on Artificial General Intelligence March 1st, 2008 at the University of Memphis. Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) research focuses on the original and ultimate goal of AI–to create intelligence as a whole, by exploring all available paths, including theoretical and experimental computer science, cognitive science, neuroscience, and innovative interdisciplinary methodologies.

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