Second Nature

Anne C. at Existence is Wonderful writes:

A big part of what I find wonderful about existence has to do with being able to look at things in my own way, without anyone telling me what I am supposed to be seeing, or what is “important” about the environment I inhabit.

That is one huge thing I see missing in exhortations of the delights of VR — the acknowledgment that no matter how well-rendered, it is still going to be a case of someone else designing everything you experience.

I deny that, for sufficiently advanced VR, the thing to be acknowledged is true. This ties in to a “fun theory” speculation I’ve been meaning to write for some time now.

I can see far-future people, whether “real” or “virtual”, inhabiting three different kinds of places:

  1. Places designed by people.
  2. Places designed by something else.
  3. Places not designed by anything, created by mechanically unfolding a limited amount of seed complexity.

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