Transhumanist Buzzword Bingo

Transhumanist Buzzword Bingo

Use of the words “Gaia” or “Natural Order” Shocking insight that “your upload wouldn’t be you” Equation of all advanced tech with Star Trek/Jetsons Segue into favorite crackpot theory Hubris! (said by nonbeliever in Greek myth)
Mention of Frankenstein I for one welcome our new etc Quoting of religious scripture Rapture of the Nerds Accusation of culthood
Reference to The Matrix as historical Irrelevant reference to George Bush Always 20 years away Reference to Gattaca as historical Where’s my jetpack?
Critique of Aubrey de Grey’s beard Eugenics! Incomprehensible gibberish about consciousness and spirit Random expression of disgust Reference to Brave New World as historical
Suggestion that transhumanists control the world Approval of human extinction Overpopulation! Accusation of narcissism Where’s my flying car?

21 thoughts on “Transhumanist Buzzword Bingo

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  2. I’ve seen all of these so many times that it’s hard to pick a favorite, but I’ll go with “Segue into favorite crackpot theory”, “Approval of human extinction”, and “Irrelevant reference to George Bush”.

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  4. Oh brother. “Everyone who disagrees with us is a fearful Luddite! No one really understands technology except Singularitarians!” Classic Transhumanist hogwash.

    Are you people really so insecure in your beliefs? There are plenty of serious and erudite critiques of Transhumanisn out there. When you get tired of playing with straw men, I suggest you educate yourselves.

  5. Chris: This is just a list of common arguments/reactions that have annoyed me in the past. I don’t think I implied (and I certainly didn’t mean to imply) that this represents all critics, or that it’s a list of the strongest arguments.

  6. Tom: I’ve been looking around a bit, and I think you can’t beat this one for humor value.

    Also, there’s this gem:

    They lack any humour — which is how they can be exposed as the scientific arm of future dictatorships.

  7. “however, is that in evolution, complexity does not correlate to fitness. Translation: smarter is better only 50% of the time.”

    Wow. I’ve heard misunderstandings of evolution before, but nothing this silly short of creationist rantings.

    “Where is the reference to Walt Disney’s frozen head?”

    Try this little ditty:

    “They seek it here,
    They seek it there,
    Those coroners seek it everywhere.
    Is it alive or is it dead?
    That darned elusive frozen head.”

  8. I would replace the Frankenstein reference (which doesn’t actually come up much) with the Walt Disney frozen head… Steven, have you taken a look at the comments on the top ten transhumanist technologies thread on Digg? Also, I liked the Aubrey de Grey one as it was before… most critiques on his beard are not insightful at all, and even if you mean that box sarcastically, it doesn’t fit in well with all the others which are serious.

  9. Yeah, point.

    Haven’t seen Disney references, have seen Frankenstein references. I think I skimmed the digg thread.

  10. Reposting Randy Roach’s comment here:

    The transhumanist movement is disgusting. All this talk of “Singularity” is nothing more than The Rapture for Nerds. Transhumanists are just another end of the world cult. They await with approval the extinction of humanity and look forward to welcoming their new Mechanica Gods.

    In their narcissism, they believe they can live forever as an upload, never realizing that their upload wouldn’t really be them. Don’t they realize consciousness is more than just a physical process? What about the soul?

    Although the dangers of technology have been proven time and time again, in Gattaca, The Matrix, Brave New World and of course Frankenstein, they have failed to learn the lessons of history. But these transhumanists are as stupid as George Bush if they really believe in this Star Trek future. We’ve heard these predictions before, but where is my Flying Car? Where is my Jetpack? Just like the transhumanists’ predictions, they’re always 20 years away. Trying to predict the future is a waste of time. As it is written in Ecclesiastes 8:7 “Since no man knows the future, who can tell him what is to come?”

    If transhumanists rule the world (and I’ve always suspected they do) we will see a forced Eugenics program under the guise of controlling overpopulation, but actually intended to implement Aubrey de Grey’s mad scheme to subvert the Natural Order of things and make humans immortal. Really, can you trust anyone with a beard like that? I think not.

  11. Gattaca could be avoided with proper privacy laws. A Brave New World situation would require the concept of equality before the law to be abandoned, because that is something democracy relies on, not equality in human nature. As for the Frankenstein scenario might actually be a problem – people might react like Victor to androids/uplifts/take your pick, but they would still be creatures worthy of respect regardless and to not show respect would be just as as bad as racism.

    As for the soul, it has not been proven either way what causes consciousness. Could be just a function of complexity, could involve a soul, could be there is no barrier between soul and body.

    Predicting the future? You can’t know for sure, but you can have an idea what is likely. Weapons of mass destruction + unstable geopolitical climate + likelihood of nuclear war. As for flying car and jetpack? It was a given those wouldn’t come. The people who formed that vision were just taking the culture of the times, and enhancing the scale. It was not a plausible vision from the get go. They never considered that the petroleum flying cars would use would be far more than the greatest gas guzzler of the times.

    And the last statement is just as absurd as the rest of this shill:

    If transhumanists rule the world (and I’ve always suspected they do) we will see a forced Eugenics program under the guise of controlling overpopulation, but actually intended to implement Aubrey de Grey’s mad scheme to subvert the Natural Order of things and make humans immortal.
    That is one option, there is also the more prevalent Democratic Transhumanism and Anarcho-transhumanism that would not do that.

    Have I missed anything

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